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Mastering the art of influencing is key in leadership. Depending on the situation successful leaders adapt their influence tactics to change goals, behaviours, opinions, and attitudes. Judging situations and deciding which influence tactic to use is crucial. In Mind Matters players explore how they use soft and hard influence tactics in various business situations.


With the help of the game trainees learn that:

  • There is no single recipe to influencing, different tactics can be used to influence people
  • Both hard and soft tactics can get results depending on the situation
  • Effective influencers adapt their influence tactics to the characteristics, motivations and concerns of the people involved


The game is designed for professionals working in industry with a training need in leadership skills in particular influencing key stakeholders.


Trainees play a junior researcher at Thamore, a leading company in high-tech solutions. Their task is to test a new mind control apparatus code name: „Mick-D” on a multidisciplinary team working on a challenging project for a customer. The project team is confronted with challenging business situations. The trainees can influence these situations by using the mind control apparatus. To decide which influence tactic to use, it is Important to understand people’s characteristics, motivations and concerns. This can be done by reading the minds of people and studying their case files. Trainees are encouraged to try out different influence tactics and see how they work out.


After playing the game trainees receive objective feedback on:

  • How much effort they put in understanding people’s characteristics, motivations and concerns
  • Which influence tactics they used. Did they limit themselves to a small set of influence tactics or not?
  • How did their influence attempts work out for two important key stakeholders: the customer and the project team?


We offer the following services:

  • LMS integration: we deliver the game as a software package that can be published in your Learning Management System
  • Game service: if you do not have a learning management system we can host the game and provide 24/7 access to play the game in an online learning portal.
  • Train-the-Trainer course. Course in which Trainers learn how to use the BE or not to BE game to facilitate training sessions.

Analytics: with different algorithms, we can aggregate insights about leadership behaviors at different organizational levels:  group, unit, department, etc.