Game based learning solution for training ethical decision making

Ethics and integrity play an important role in one’s moral judgments about right and wrong. All professionals are confronted with moral decision-making in the course of their professional lives. Recent scandals show how unethical behaviour may harm an organisation’s carefully-built reputation. To create an ethically responsible corporate culture, it is therefore crucial to train people on a regular basis. ‘TO BE or not TO BE’ trains a player or group of players in making a moral or ethical evaluation and resolving ethical dilemmas in a way both engaging and effective.

Assessment and Training Firms

Your assessment and training firm supports client companies in:

  • Personal development of its employees
  • Diagnosing its employees individually and on team levels
  • Selecting suitable executives and managers.

Benefits of TO BE or not TO BE

Your firm is continuously looking for new interactive learning methods that enrich your assessment and training tools.



  • We offer TO BE or not TO BE through which each participant is evaluated on their personal moral compass
  • TO BE or not TO BE can be offered via your own online assessment and training environment (LMS)
  • TO BE or not TO BE automatically generates a feedback report for integration into your overall personalized training program.

What is needed

TO BE or not TO BE is delivered as a SCORM published game interoperable with your firm’s LMS. It requires a Flash-enabled web-browser and is optimized for pc’s and laptops.

What we offer

  • TO BE or not TO BE Module: Business Ethics as a SCORM published game.
  • TO BE or not TO BE Manual: How to use TO BE or not TO BE for online training purposes, including various didactical training formats.

How does it work

In this game, the participant will have to find his/her way through grey areas of business decision making, where it is not always clear what he or she should do. The participant plays a sales manager who has to resolve a plethora of business dilemmas. One of the key accounts is the government of Integria, which is a politically stable and economically prosperous country with 40 million inhabitants. The participant leads a strategic bid project with ample opportunities for expanding the business in the country of Integria. The bid proposal has been presented to the customer. The customer does have some additional questions, however. The game story will unfold as a result of the decisions the participant makes.

Evaluation report

After playing the game a downloadable feedback report is automatically generated regarding:

  • The participant behaviour in terms of the moral dimensions of each business decision
  • The evaluation report provides insight into the participant’s personal moral compass.